My name is Sarah, I’m 22, gripped by a terminal case of wanderlust and lifelong member of a large and lively family.

I’m building towards being able to write “writer, producer, director, world-renowned success story with a bucket of cash and her own happy family” in my bio, but until that point, I guess you could say I’m a work in progress and this blog is a documentation and demonstration of all the little things I love in life and the things I’m learning along the way. I try to give it a little rhyme and reason, and I would be lying if I said I always succeed, but so long as there’s some little things you love in life and perhaps you learn a little along the way, I’m doing what I set out to do. Let me know what you think, what you like and don’t, and just generally feel free to get in touch!

@SarahSmall || SarahRachelLittle@Gmail.Com

This blog is a little bit travel, a little bit lifestyle, and a little bit everything in between.

I have a passion for travel and seeing as much as I can of this insanely beautiful, wide world. There’s nowhere I won’t go and every experience, even the bad ones, is a story to tell. This page contains all my travel posts, updates and advice.

Life will never be perfect, and I don’t think I would enjoy it if it was. I’m one small part of a chaotic family of nine children who make me laugh, make me cry and inspire me to always strive to be the best I can and look on the bright side: I’m eternally positive. I’m also always keen to try something new and learn as I go, so set me a DIY challenge or give me something delicious to cook and I’ll happily get stuck in! This page contains all my Life posts, updates and advice.

There is so much I want to do in life, and I need someway of controlling my flit-fleeting thoughts about how I want to go about getting it all done. I’ve created my ‘Energy List’, my mission, to do just that and to document it all as I go.



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